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General Sales Post

I'll be listing any miscellaneous items I have for sale in this post. Please be advised on a few facts -->
-- I ship from Pennsylvania, USA.
-- I try to limit my shipping to once a week (usually on Fridays).
-- My shipping quotes do not cover insurance or tracking, please let me know if you would like to add them.
-- I will do my best to list the condition of any of my items and will provide any photos you request, but I cannot guarantee condition.

A stacking toy from IKEA for small children. $3 shipped in the US.

Monster Beanbag Toys -- $5 each + shipping.
Both have tags that read: "The Original Beanpals -- Collect them all!" and are produced by KELLYTOY.
Both are in okay condition, the skeleton has some spots.

All other toys -- $0.50 each + shipping.

SOLD: Stitch figure

Hedgehog -- $1 + shipping
Lady Mouse -- $1 + shipping
Hat is chipped.
Large Mouse -- Free with any other order.
Small Mouse -- Free with any other order.

All Aladdin cards $0.50 each.

All Disney/Goofy cards $0.50 each.

All Robin Hood cards $0.50 each.

All Little Mermaid cards $0.50 each.

September 1997 Highlights magazine -- $0.50.
All pages intact and clean, fair condition.

Digimon Coloring Book -- $0.50
Some of the activity pages have been done in pen or pencil but all of the coloring pages are uncolored.
In fair condition. I hate to throw it out because it still has a lot of potential life in it.


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Jun. 1st, 2013 08:19 am (UTC)
put behind cut please
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