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PKMN card sales post!

I thought it would be best to separate my cards from my main sales post for organization purposes.

I was granted pkmncollectors sales permission by entirelycliched on 11 FEB 2013.
My community feedback can be viewed here.

I ship from Pennsylvania, USA.
I accept Paypal, money order and concealed cash.
No minimum order amount.
I live in a smoke-free home with cats.

I'm totally willing to haggle on anything or combine large orders for a discount!

Unless otherwise stated, all of the cards listed are now $0.25 each!

Unless a card has an x drawn on it in the photo I have more of that card available.

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping for cards starts at $2 in the US and $5 INT'L.

I mail cards in an envelope taped between two pieces of cardboard for protection.

I cannot guarantee condition, but I am happy to take pictures of any card requested. Most of my cards are either like new or, in the case of some of my older cards, somewhere less than new but better than played. Again, PLEASE let me know if you want more information on the condition of a particular card, otherwise I am not responsible for a card that comes to you in a condition that you didn't expect.

When requesting a card, it is easiest for me if you right-click, copy URL and paste it to me and then tell me which card in that photo you want, just due to the sheer number here.

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General Sales Post

I'll be listing any miscellaneous items I have for sale in this post. Please be advised on a few facts -->
-- I ship from Pennsylvania, USA.
-- I try to limit my shipping to once a week (usually on Fridays).
-- My shipping quotes do not cover insurance or tracking, please let me know if you would like to add them.
-- I will do my best to list the condition of any of my items and will provide any photos you request, but I cannot guarantee condition.

A stacking toy from IKEA for small children. $3 shipped in the US.

Monster Beanbag Toys -- $5 each + shipping.
Both have tags that read: "The Original Beanpals -- Collect them all!" and are produced by KELLYTOY.
Both are in okay condition, the skeleton has some spots.

All other toys -- $0.50 each + shipping.

SOLD: Stitch figure

Hedgehog -- $1 + shipping
Lady Mouse -- $1 + shipping
Hat is chipped.
Large Mouse -- Free with any other order.
Small Mouse -- Free with any other order.

All Aladdin cards $0.50 each.

All Disney/Goofy cards $0.50 each.

All Robin Hood cards $0.50 each.

All Little Mermaid cards $0.50 each.

September 1997 Highlights magazine -- $0.50.
All pages intact and clean, fair condition.

Digimon Coloring Book -- $0.50
Some of the activity pages have been done in pen or pencil but all of the coloring pages are uncolored.
In fair condition. I hate to throw it out because it still has a lot of potential life in it.
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PKMN Sales!

I was granted pkmncollectors sales permission by entirelycliched on 11 FEB 2013.
My community feedback can be viewed here.

I ship from Pennsylvania, USA.
I accept Paypal, money order and concealed cash.
No minimum order amount.
I live in a smoke-free home with cats.

All of my cards, unless otherwise stated, are judged to be in near-mint condition.
My cards have never been played with and have been stored in a binder since they were purchased.
I am MORE than happy to describe the condition of any card in detail upon request or take additional photos. Condition not guaranteed unless requested.

I'm totally willing to haggle on anything or combine large orders for a discount!


Jakks Munchlax all tags -- hang tag slightly worn-- $5
McDonald's Reshiram -- $5
Tiger Talking Pikachu Plush Keychain tush tag (doesn't talk might be able to be fixed?) -- $1
Jakks Starly no tags -- SOLD
Banpresto Victini MWT -- SOLD
Banpresto Chimchar MWT -- $15

Plastic Blastoise, Mankey, Poliwhirl, Squirtle, Snorlax -- $0.50 each (some are scuffed, might have paint)

SOLD: Blastoise and Squirtle figures.

Pikachu beanie -- no tags, tush tag cut off -- $1 (or free with $5 or more purchase)
Pichu figure -- $2 (what is this?)
Jakks Deerling -- all tags, hang tag has some creases -- SOLD
Druddigon MPC MWT -- $15
Mime Jr. Diamond and Pearl plush all tags, hang tag has some damage -- $5
Graveller Top Toy -- $3
Mew Pez Dispenser (missing tail) -- $3

Pokeball - free with $5 or more purchase.
Playset (missing figures) -- $3

Oshawott tin -- $1

All stickers -- $1 each.

Action Flipz -- $0.50 each.

$2 each.

This folder has seen better days, but the pictures on it are cute
and I thought someone might get some use out of it.

$0.25 or free with any purchase.


I saved this calender from last year because I wanted to use the
really nice calender prints to bind some sketchbooks with but
I never got around to it and don't think I ever will.

I'm asking $1 each for them. I'll cut them nicely from the book with a
page cutter and mail them in a tube so they should stay in nice shape.

Please let me know which one you want by specifying the pokemon on the page.

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Pokeball Sandshrew

PKMN amigurumi information!

Herewith all relevant information on purchasing and commissioning me for Pokemon-related amigurumi (or crocheted toys) including picture references of past relevant work, current available premade Pokemon toys and information for ordering custom Pokemon amigurumi.

I was granted pkmncollectors sales permission by entirelycliched on 11 FEB 2013.
My community feedback can be viewed here

Examples are at the bottom of this post!

I am an amigurumi artist. I make little plush toys out of yarn and a crochet hook (and some extras, including polyester fiberfill and felt, etc.) My amigurumi is usually made from high-quality acrylic yarn but I'm willing to substitute other varieties on request (and potentially for additional cost).

My prices for both premade and customs items generally start at around $30 and increase as much as is necessary -- there is no upper limit for complexity and I'm willing to give anything a shot!

Currently none available.

When premade plushies are available, they will be up for purchase in my Etsy shop and a photo with information on them will be posted here.

I love doing custom work. My prices generally start at $30 and increase depending on complexity and size. Below is a simple listing of my general price guidelines:

SMALL. Up to approx. 7" -- Starts at $30.
MEDIUM. From approx. 7" to 12" -- Starts at $50.
LARGE. From approx. 12" to 18" or more! -- Starts at $80.

I'm willing to go smaller or larger, but prices may vary. Please discuss with me!

My current approx. wait time before shipping is one month. I currently am open for three custom slots!

Please comment below with questions and inquiries. I prefer to use Paypal (vombatiformes[at]gmail.com) but will accept check or money order. I must receive payment in full before beginning work.

Some quick examples can be viewed under Collapse )
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Parent issues.

Everyone has them, right?

I've been feeling sort of funny lately about mine. I was buying all of my own food and clothes by the time I was 15. I left for college at 17 and moved in with my boyfriend shortly after (I am now 21). I mostly sped this process along because I had a deep desire to get the hell out of my parents' houses, because they were causing severe anxiety and pretty much piling on top of the problems I already had.

I suppose most of it was my mother, who is an alcoholic* and has severe money issues that she likes to pressure everybody with. It became clear very quickly, as I got older, that I was not able to depend on her to care for me and it really put the stress on me fairly young to make sure I had money of my own and back-up places to stay when she got out of hand. My parents had split up when was 12, and I was spending half the week at her house and half the week as his, and so on top of all of this it was very difficult to feel as though I had a stable home.

My father was much more dependable, but when I was 16 he found out that he had hepatitis, and had to stop working to go on treatment for it. I had no transportation because I did not have a car (or a license) and was sort of forced to figure out a way to pay for all of my own shit (and many communal things as well) as he could barely even afford to pay rent at this point as he was living off of his savings. This continues to boggle me as he had been making over 70k a year for decades and had somehow not managed to save up nearly anything? I still don't understand. We were renting, and not living in a large house at that. I don't understand at all.

Anyway, I think I built up a lot of resentment over the years because I felt that my mother was hardly a mother at all, especially as I became older and it became clear that I was not going to be the child that she expected (gay, trans, into academics and not socializing, etc.) and my father's inability to successfully navigate emotional relationships left me feeling sort of alone. I could not communicate with my mother because she was impossible to communicate with, and my father just didn't have the capacity it seemed, even though he was coherent. Though it should be said that he only stopped drinking when he found out that he had hepatitis, and for most of my life he was too drunk to talk to at night either -- unless I wanted to be frightened because he would delve into pseudo-intellectual psychobabble or tell me terrifying, violent war stories from his time in Vietnam. Cry about it, I know.

But I miss them. Sometimes I wonder if I actually miss them or if I miss the idea that I still sort of harbor in my mind of the ideal parents I would like to have. No parent is ideal, and it could have been a lot worse, but it still hurts me sometimes. I want to believe that I can leave it all behind and let it go, but it's tough. I have issues, I realize this.

Dad has been communicating with me a lot lately, and while I'm glad, I also feel guilty. He is still ill, and I'm afraid of losing him before really reconciling with him in any real way. There's nothing overtly between us, but there is a discomfort, and I think we both feel it. The problem is that he doesn't seem to be in the same state of mind (up to reconciling this discomfort), and I'm afraid it'll never happen.

*has not been in rehab or seen a professional or anything but drinks hard liquor every night and becomes impossible to speak to coherently after around 8 PM.
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I feel like I'm going BACKWARDS.

I came out at 15 and started physically transitioning at 16. I'll be 21 in 20 days and for the past couple of years I've felt very ~over it~, so to speak. I've found it easy to forget that I'm trans, generally speaking (though it's always at the back of your mind -- I suspect it is for most of us) and I haven't really concerned myself much with the ins and outs of transitioning anymore.

But the past few months of being off of T have really made me re-evaluate what I intend to do with my body and what sort of person I'd like to appear to be. Because this is really all about appearances to me, even when they affect no one but myself.

Stopping T has been a bit funny, because I am relieved on the one hand and totally comfortable with a reduction in muscle mass, a bit of fat redistribution, some body/facial hair thinning, etc. In some cases it's even desirable. However... I don't like the reoccurring menstruation which has once again become regular AND I don't like the... feeling? I sort of have that I am testosterone-less. That my body is all on the estrogen bandwagon again and just chugging along and everything.

I finally got off of my ass and managed to get a refill on my T prescription for about 5 months, so theoretically I should just be fine getting back on it and moving on with my life. But I don't know if I WANT to be on it, and I'm not even sure I am comfortable thinking of myself as male anymore. I acknowledge on a very concrete, physical, reality-driven (lol) level that I AM NOT male and never will be. I have eggs and ovaries and no Y chromosome and blah blah blah. I don't even identify as particularly masculine and so it's all very confusing for me.

I do know I like myself better when I feel like I appear male and my body is more masculine than feminine, but there is a certain amount of femininity that I enjoy. And not stereotypical "of course I like pink I'm a gay dude" sort of feminine. Just "feminine" by itself, as it relates to being female.

I don't want to bleed. I don't want tits. I don't want people to think I'm a girl at ALL but I do wish I could exist in some genderless gray area in which I was just sort of a feminine PERSON but not a feminine female or male. Although the physical androgyny of a male appearing body is more comfortable to me than a female body. That probably doesn't make very much sense, but that's all I've got in the way of a description for now. :V

Anyway, it's been on my mind more lately, is what I think I'm trying to say. I just hope that I can sort this out in a timely manner. I don't want to wait and wait and wind up waiting through things that I would have been better off making a decision sooner about.


On a side note, I feel like crocheting my brains out but I don't feel like doing amigurumi. 10/13 of my current commissions are amigurumi. :< Sigh. I suppose this is my fault.
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Sometimes I just. :|

This month should've been 4 years that I've been on T, but I stopped taking it in April. I'm half a year post top surgery. I'm pretty happy with my body (other than having packed on an extra 15lbs or so -- ohhh college).

I don't like some things, though. I hate the body hair -- especially the facial hair. I would pay to have it removed if I had the nerve (and the $$$). :/ I hate shaving every day and I have sensitive skin, so it sucks, but I would hate having hair on my face even more.

AM I JUST NUTS? I really prefer feeling like I am a boy / being treated like a boy for the most part, but I am actually extremely feminine and most of my life is spent doing things traditionally associated with females. I crochet for a living. I am an English major (THIS SHOULD NOT BE ASSOCIATED WITH FEMALES BUT IT *IS* -- 85 percent of all of my lit classes is female).

Sometimes I wonder if I should have transitioned. I'm pretty happy now that I'm off T. I find that I don't really care how I'm perceived by society very much anymore, except that I want to feel safe expressing myself (safe physically and financially -- honestly part of the reason why I have not looked for extra work is because I am afraid of branching outside of the furry community because I don't wish to be rejected because I am sort of odd & very apparently gay).

Would I have really been unhappy as a chick? I don't know. I guess not, really, but I would prefer to just be able to continue living my life as an effeminate guy. I don't really identify with the term "man" at all, and pressure from friends & family to associate with "man" make me really uncomfortable.

Ho hum. Perhaps we should move out of rural Pennsylvania. I still have another year of college to go, and then off to Australia I hope.
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Writer's Block: Available: 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with hot and cold running chills

Would you live in the perfect house or apartment rent-free if you found out a brutal murder had taken place there and it was rumored to be haunted? Why or why not?

Oh, I don't know, actually. :<

I wouldn't be afraid of the "haunting" thing because I don't believe in ghosts. I mean, I talk an awful lot about ~logic~ and ~rationality~ but the truth is I'm still an ape and I still have these irrational fears all the time.

When I lived with my father at his house in Nazareth as a teenager I would often get these really terrible, nervous feelings in the bathroom. It got to the point where I showered with the door open. We had a door in our bathroom going up to the attic and I would stand in the shower and image all sorts of things slithering down the stairs. Like really silly things -- giant piles of supernatural goo ala The Blob.

And then of course the corpses of undiscovered murder victims that were hidden away in the panels in our attic and under the floorboards and blah blah blah. All that stuff that is always in creepy attacks. On top of that, ours always smelled vaguely of bologna and that made me uneasy too, for obvious reasons I think!

So long story short -- I don't know if I would. I honestly DON'T believe in ghosts but I don't know if I could deal with my overactive imagination on a regular basis like that. I mean, it was hard for me to cope living in a "creepy" house not knowing if something bad ever happened there. I don't know if I could put up with it if I KNEW something icky had happened.

Plus I would probably spend an unhealthy amount of time wondering, for instance, where people were killed and what their bodies looked like and where the blood splattered, etc. I am kind of a creep I think.