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PKMN amigurumi information!

Herewith all relevant information on purchasing and commissioning me for Pokemon-related amigurumi (or crocheted toys) including picture references of past relevant work, current available premade Pokemon toys and information for ordering custom Pokemon amigurumi.

I was granted pkmncollectors sales permission by entirelycliched on 11 FEB 2013.
My community feedback can be viewed here

Examples are at the bottom of this post!

I am an amigurumi artist. I make little plush toys out of yarn and a crochet hook (and some extras, including polyester fiberfill and felt, etc.) My amigurumi is usually made from high-quality acrylic yarn but I'm willing to substitute other varieties on request (and potentially for additional cost).

My prices for both premade and customs items generally start at around $30 and increase as much as is necessary -- there is no upper limit for complexity and I'm willing to give anything a shot!

Currently none available.

When premade plushies are available, they will be up for purchase in my Etsy shop and a photo with information on them will be posted here.

I love doing custom work. My prices generally start at $30 and increase depending on complexity and size. Below is a simple listing of my general price guidelines:

SMALL. Up to approx. 7" -- Starts at $30.
MEDIUM. From approx. 7" to 12" -- Starts at $50.
LARGE. From approx. 12" to 18" or more! -- Starts at $80.

I'm willing to go smaller or larger, but prices may vary. Please discuss with me!

My current approx. wait time before shipping is one month. I currently am open for three custom slots!

Please comment below with questions and inquiries. I prefer to use Paypal (vombatiformes[at]gmail.com) but will accept check or money order. I must receive payment in full before beginning work.

Some quick examples can be viewed under